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Radio Big FM

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Radio Big FM

92.7 Big FM is a private radio station in India that broadcasts at 92.7 MHz. It is one of India's largest radio networks, with 58 stations that reach over 34 crore Indians. The station's slogan is "Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho". It plays mostly live Bollywood and folk music.

Big FM is India's largest radio network with 45 stations across the country. It reaches 1200 towns and 50,000+ villages, covering 4.2 crore Indians each week. Big FM's mission is to inspire positive thinking in society. The station plays Bollywood hits and regional music.

  • Big FM is one of the top radio stations to advertise.
  • Big FM reaches a large audience within a range of up to 70 kms.
  • Big FM is a mobile medium where the audience listens during drive time, evening, or the afternoons.
  • Big FM keeps people updated on the latest happenings, news, traffic, or weather updates

The cost of advertising on FM radio in India can vary depending on several factors

  • The radio station's popularity
  • The coverage area
  • The time slot
  • The duration of the advertisement
  • Demand during specific periods

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